Make a Difference with Your Purchase: Minnie Mouse Toddler White Speckled Double Pom Beanie Review

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I was on the waiting list for two months to get my hands on the Minnie Mouse White Speckled Double Pom Beanie and I finally got it! I actually got two of them. One for my daughter, and one for my significant other (Quinn’s mom).

I’m going to focus primarily on the Toddler size and do want to note that this beanie is the perfect winter accessory to make your little one look even cuter than they already are.

I’m telling you, this thing is so damn adorable, you might even want to steal it and wear it yourself! I would’ve gotten one but I wanted a different color that’s more suitable for dads.

The Minnie Mouse White Speckled Double Pom Beanie has that metallic rose gold color and two pom-poms attached to the top, which will make your kid look like the coolest toddler on the block.

I kid you not, we were stopped by several parents because they were curious about where we got the beanies, which are from the company Love Your Melon.

Every time we were approached by a parent who was curious about the product, we’d also tell them the mission of Love Your Melon.

We like that the company would donate money, and a beanie to a child with cancer, and make partnerships with multiple hospitals.

We like that the beanies made from Love Your Melon are made with soft and comfortable materials, so you won’t have to worry about your little one being uncomfortable in them. However, it’s worth noting that for this particular product, the attachments for the pom-poms can be a bit uncomfortable.

As a dad who bought the matching beanie for my significant other and daughter, I noticed that the plastic attachments holding the pom-poms could be felt under the beanie. If it’s uncomfortable for adults, it’s likely that babies may also find it uncomfortable.

The last thing we want is for our little ones to get sick during the winter season, and I’m sure you know as a parent that dealing with a sick toddler isn’t fun at all. Whenever we’d be outdoors, on a hiking trail, at a park, or at Disneyland we’d have our daughter wear a beanie.

And so with that said, it’s important to keep them warm and cozy with protective clothing like the Minnie Mouse White Speckled Double Pom Beanie.

In this review, I’m going to talk about the material, color, design, and sizing options. I’ll also let you know about the features and benefits of this badass beanie.

Lastly, I’ll share some tips on how to take care of it, where to buy it, and how much it’ll cost you. So, sit back, grab a beer or soda, and let’s get started!


The Minnie Mouse Toddler White SPeckled Double Pom Beanie is 100% cotton made in the United States and Canada. As the company states, they are passionate about producing high-quality products. I don’t have the time of buying some crappy product that breaks after several times of usage.

The beanie can be a bit pricey and that’s because of the quality, as well as the impact that it’s making by donating to children with cancer.

Color and Design of the Beanie

Let me tell you, this beanie is legit. It’s got that rose gold color look and two pom-poms on top, which will make your toddler look like a total badass.

Plus, it’s got Minnie Mouse embroidered on the front, so your little one can rep Disney like a boss.

Double Pom-Pom Feature of the Beanie

The double pom-pom design is the cherry on top of this Beanie. This is where we got the most compliments. It’s just too damn cute, and it feels good just touching it.

As mentioned earlier, the downside of the pom poms is the attachment inside the beanie. At times it can be a bit uncomfortable having those attachments touching the top of the baby’s head.

Sizing Options for Toddlers

The beanie comes in one size that fits most toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years old. The material is stretchy, so it’s easy to put on and take off, and it’ll stay snug on your little one’s head without being too tight or uncomfortable.


The best way to clean the beanie is to machine wash it cold with mild detergent. In terms of brand, we still use the ones for babies and so Dreft is our go-to detergent.

We also like to double-wash our baby’s clothes but that might be overkill. It’s also recommended that you remove the pom prior to washing.

Since this beanie is 100% cotton it’s best to set your dryer settings to tumble dry high as it might take a little longer for it to try.

Where to Buy a Minnie Mouse Beanie

The best place to buy the beanie is from the Love Your Melon website. And that’s why it took me a long time to get the beanie as I was on the waitlist. There was no other website or store I was able to purchase it from.

And again to emphasize, for every beanie sold, Love Your Melon donates a beanie to a child with cancer. That’s pretty awesome, right?

How Much Does It Cost?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “This beanie must cost a fortune.” And you’re partially right. The Minnie Mouse Toddler White Speckled Double Pom Beanie is around $55.

But again, I feel like it’s worth every penny for the cuteness factor alone. The amount of compliments we’ve gotten from others, and just our baby looking so cute with it is priceless.

Plus, you’ll be supporting a good cause, so it’s a win-win situation.

Overall Thoughts

The Minnie Mouse beanie is a must-have winter accessory for your little one, and maybe even for the whole family. It’s stylish and comfortable, and they support a good cause.

I'm a professional marketer from Los Angeles, California. More importantly, I'm a brand new father who can't wait to take my beloved partner and daughter on all sorts of hiking trails. My mantra is that work will always be there, but watching your little one grow happens once in a lifetime.

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