Nourish Your Mind and Soul at Meditation Mount in Beautiful Ojai California

Overlook of Mount Ojai

We decided to take a peaceful hike with breathtaking views at the Meditation Mount in Ojai Valley, California.

It was our last day before heading back home, and we figured out what better way to end our trip than by watching the sunset at Meditation Mount.

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What is the Meditation Mount

The Meditation Room is a peaceful and calm place, right at the start of the Meditation Mount. It’s a safe spot where folks can feel quiet and still, far from the noise and rush of normal days.

The center is located on top of a mountain, providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. One of the most popular activities at the Meditation Mount is watching the sunset, which is known as the Ojai “pink moment.”

Visitation to Meditation Mount just recently opened as they were closed for quite some time due to the Thomas fire back in December 2017. We were fortunate enough that the Meditation Mount was open for a visit while we were in Ojai.

But the Meditation Mount is more than just a scenic spot. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice of Creative Meditation, which is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.

Creative Meditation is not a single meditation technique, but a suite of tools and practices that can be tailored to meet individual needs.

At the Meditation Mount, visitors can attend group meditations and participate in community-based events that are focused on universal spiritual principles. These principles include Right Human Relations, Goodwill, Group Endeavor, Unanimity, Spiritual Approach, and Essential Divinity.

Through the practice of Creative Meditation, visitors can achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. We found the Meditation Mount to be a place where people can reflect on life, find inner peace, and connect with others on a spiritual level.

For those who are new to meditation or Creative Meditation, the Meditation Mount offers workshops and classes to help them get started. These classes are led by experienced practitioners who can guide visitors on their journey toward self-discovery and personal growth.

Guided Meditation Walking Experience

When we got to the meditation mount, we were greeted by staff members that provided us with a pamphlet. In the pamphlet, we had the ability to scan our phones to listen to a guided meditation while we were walking along the gardens.

It was nice to listen to a guided meditation while going through the gardens because we were taking our time. We usually go through a nature walk in minutes whenever I’m with my family.

But this time around, I think it was a different experience to just take things slowly at the Meditation Mount garden. It’s like the famous saying, “stop and smell the roses”. Our baby Quinn seemed to enjoy the peaceful garden as well.

More importantly, we were enlightened by the guided audio meditations that focused on universal spiritual principles.

As you walk along the garden trail, you’ll approach several rocks. Each rock has a carving about the seven universal spiritual principles.

Once we approached a rock, we would then play the guided auditor meditations, averaging for around five to ten minutes. As we would listen, there would be a bench where we could sit, reflect and meditate while listening to the audio.

I really enjoyed listening to the Principle of Goodwill as I was walking through the garden. The Principle of Goodwill is love in action that serves the common good.

We loved that the gardens were peaceful. I think visitors, including myself, knew that the Meditation Mount was a place for peace, calmness, and even silence.

Joy is a special wisdom carving

It is a place for us to be present and to reflect on what’s within us and in front of us.

Wonderful Views at Meditation Mount Ojai

The nature views at Meditation Mount were stunning. You get a 360 view of the mountains, the trees, the plants, and the beautiful sky.

There were certain areas where I felt like I was on a hike. My heart rate was actually increasing, and that’s because I was also carrying my baby.

At one end of the trail, you’re taken to a small overlook, and this is where the majority of visitors can sit on the grass to meditate. Thie small overlook was also the best location to watch the sunset, known as the “pink moment.”

The spectacular views of Ojai

The Meditation Room

The meditation room is located at the entrance of Meditation Mount. It is a room where you can sit inside and be at peace. We loved the meditation room’s architectural design, like the walls being all glass windows. We liked that they were glass windows because as you meditate in peace, you can also watch the stunning views outside.

In the room, we noticed several chairs laid out in a circle. I believe that they have group meditation events, so the chairs were laid out in a specific way.

Mother and daughter inside the meditation room


We had to make reservations to visit Meditation Mount. I highly recommend that you make a reservation during the time of sunset (5-7 PM). You do not want to miss out on the “pink moment”.

Reservations can be made online on their homepage. Be aware that reservations are not free, but it was well worth it. At the end of the day, you’re donating money to a nonprofit with a good cause.

Location of Meditation Mount Ojai

Meditation Mount Ojai is located at 10340 Reeves Rd Ojai, California in the United States. If you’re coming from the small town of Ojai, it will take you about 10 minutes to get there. We stayed at the Caravan Outpost, which is near the end of the downtown area of OJai. And because of that, we were actually closer to the location of Meditation Mount

While driving along the main road, you’ll see a restaurant called Boccali’s Pizza & Pasta. When you see that restaurant, that’s where you’ll want to turn into the road that leads up to the location of Mount Ojai.

Total Distance of the Trail

The simple hike at Meditation Mount was a little less than a mile. This included us walking both trails. There were barely any inclines and a ton of benches for you to sit, reflect and meditate.

Final Thoughts

I think the Meditation Mount is a wonderful place to visit whenever you’re in Ojai, California. Watching the sunset and going through the guided meditation walking experience enlightened me.

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