Hiking with Baby: Our Adventure at the Ocean Trails Reserve

View of the sunset with mom and sleeping baby

Where is this Palos Verdes hike? At the Trump Golf Club? Wait, what? Those were my exact thoughts, as I never knew that the Trump National Golf Course had a simple hiking trail known as the Ocean Trails Reserve.

If there was a cheat code in life where you want to get the best views with the easiest hikes, Rancho Palos Verdes would be it. Seriously, there are way too many easy hikes out here (and no, I’m not some super athlete in top shape) where the views are just breathtaking.

And so we as a family decided to hike the Ocean Trails Reserve on a weekday, late afternoon. There’s nothing better than taking a nice hiking trail by the beach.

About The Ocean Trails Reserve

If you’re by a golf course, just know you’re at the right spot. I was a little confused at first because all I saw were grass catered for golfers. But as you walk further ahead, you’ll notice that you have several routes to choose from at the Ocean Trails Reserve. The picture below is pretty much the trail head of the hike.

The start of the trail

Let’s just say that this hike was extremely easy for us, even while carrying a baby. It was so easy that our baby was asleep for the majority of the hike, and we also didn’t break a sweat.

For someone like myself who isn’t in the best shape, my average heart rate was around 96BPM for the entire hike. Basically, my heart wasn’t really working hard. Nevertheless, it’s always great to go outdoors. The extra step is always beneficial for one’s health.

Mom and Baby walking along the cliff next to the ocean in Palos Verdes

What We Brought at the Ocean Trails Reserve

We didn’t bring a lot of essentials to the Ocean Trails because we knew that the hike would be short. Honestly, we had my girlfriend wear her Baby K’tan, and I was carrying our diaper bag.

Inside the diaper bag, we had the usual. Extra diapers, a bottle in case our baby got hungry, baby snacks, water bottles for us, and a blanket if it were to get cold. Since the Rancho Palos Verdes coastal trail was by the ocean, we figured that the wind would bring a little more cold breeze than usual.

The diapers that our baby would wear are known as Coterie diapers. We love using these diapers whenever we are outside of the house or when our baby goes for a long night’s sleep. The absorption on these diapers is far better than all the other diapers we’ve used for our baby. However, these diapers are a little on the pricier end. We just feel that the absorption on the Coterie diapers is strong to the point that our baby wouldn’t feel any discomfort.

Obviously, we would change our baby at any opportunity we can get. But what I’m getting at is that these diapers just felt a lot better in terms of comfort for our baby.

Total Distance of The Hike

The total hike was about 1.7 miles with a total of 235ft of elevation. This data came from wearing my Apple watch. The hike could’ve been longer, but there were some routes that were closed for either renovations or safety reasons.

Scenic Views at the Ocean Trails Reserve

The scenic views at the Ocean Trails Reserve were beautiful. You can overlook the Pacific Ocean, and if the sky is extremely clear, you can see Catalina Island as well. If you’re a golfer, you can go on the course, which would cost a lot of money. Or, you can take this easy hike and see the same scenic views for free.

Beautiful scenic view in Ocean Trails

Difficulty Level

If I were to rate the difficulty of the Ocean Trails Reserve hike from a 1-10, where 1 is super easy and 10 is extremely hard, this would’ve been a 3. As I mentioned earlier, my heart rate wasn’t even in the 100’s, yet we completed nearly 2 miles.

I think if you want to make this hike a bit of a challenge, then you can always run the entire trail. There are slight little inclines that would get your heart rate pumping.

Although I do want to say that there is a trail for you to go down to the beach from the Ocean Trail. And so, what you can do to get a really good workout with your hike is for you to go up and down that specific trail. The inclines are a little steeper, and your heart rate would definitely be pumping should you do it several times.

If you’re into easy trails like the Ocean Trails, then you might also like hiking the Terranea Discovery Trail. My girlfriend and I did that Palos Verdes (PV) hiking trail with no problem. And this was while she was eight months pregnant!


The great thing about most hikes in Rancho Palos Verdes is that parking spot is usually free. For the Ocean Trails Reserve, you park at the Public Trump National Parking Lot, and once you’re out of your car, you’re close to the trail.

Before you start your trail, you can go into the Trump Golf Club building, where you can use the restroom.

Would We Hike This Trail Again?

We would hike the Ocean Trails again if they opened up the other routes. We also didn’t get to explore the beach as it was getting pitch dark. I think we would’ve gotten more of a workout if we had gone up and down the trail from the top of the hike to the bottom, where the beach is located.

My only complaint as well is that the directions of the different trails were not very clear. I think it got a little confusing with the trail mixed in with the golf course itself.

I'm a professional marketer from Los Angeles, California. More importantly, I'm a brand new father who can't wait to take my beloved partner and daughter on all sorts of hiking trails. My mantra is that work will always be there, but watching your little one grow happens once in a lifetime.

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