Hiking Terranea Discovery Trail While 8 Months Pregnant

Are we crazy? My partner is 8 months pregnant, and we’re still going on a hike?!

Knowing that we were close to the finish line of having our newborn child, we still wanted to do an easy hike with a beautiful view.

My girlfriend and I have always been hiking, even before being pregnant. We felt that it was important for us to stay active while pregnant and as well as after having the baby (we’re working on the after-having the baby part).

And so we went to do an easy hike in Palos Verdes, California, what’s known as the Terranea Discovery Trail.

Bare in mind, we’ve always consulted our doctor first whenever it came to any sort of physical activity during the time of pregnancy. I’m not persuading or forcing anyone to hike at 8 months pregnant.

Every person is different, and just because we were able to do a hike at this stage of pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a green light for everyone else. Basically, consult your doctor first!

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Length of The Terranea Discovery Trail

The total length of the Terranea Discovery Trail was about 2 miles. I do want to point out, though, that we actually started our hike by the Point Vicente lighthouse. So we may have started a bit further. I swear, there are like 10 different hike trails in Palos Verdes that are all close to each other.

Trail Map of The Terranea Discovery Trail

Below, is the map of the Terranea Discovery Trail in Palos Verdes California.

Difficulty Level

As I mentioned earlier, this hike wasn’t hard at all. There were barely any inclines, which made this hike even easier for my girlfriend who was hiking pregnant.

Besides, I’d made a terrible mistake if I had forced us to hike somewhere extremely difficult at 8 months pregnant. We obviously didn’t want to put my girlfriend or our baby at any risk.

The pavement, for the most part, was dirt on flat land.

One great thing about living in California is that you have all sorts of difficulty levels of hikes. Depending on your mood, condition, or whatever you’re feeling, the options are all there.

Given our current state, we’ve mainly tackled small distant hikes, and it will continue that way until our baby is a lot older.

Another thing to mention is that there are a lot of hikes in Palos Verdes, California. Most of them from our past experiences have been easy. For instance, we recently did the Ocean Trails Reserve, and that was a lot easier than this hike. So if you’re looking for easy hikes, that’s another option for you.


I think the best part about the Terranea Hike was the gorgeous scenery. However, I don’t think it’s the most rewarding because the hike was so damn easy. I apologize; I have to remember my partner was hiking while pregnant.

You’re literally walking along the cliff (yes, it’s safe as there are rails) with a view of the Pacific Ocean or Terranea Beach. If it’s sunny, you can also see Catalina Island from afar.

The scenic view does change from time to time, as you’ll start walking through a field of flowers. And eventually walking through the actual Terranea resort. Once you’re at the bottom of the hike, you’ll be walking along the rocky beach. Be careful though, as the tides can get chaotic depending on the weather or the time of the day.

Spoiler Alert: The end of the trail will take you to a sea cave. Depending on if it’s low tide, you can access the cave.

Hiking Gear

You don’t need anything intense for this hike. The main thing is that you wear appropriate outdoor clothes and that’s all dependent on the weather. We went during the Winter, and it was extremely cold since we were hiking along the coast.

My girlfriend and I both had a hoodie on with some activewear pants. Nothing fancy.

You also may want to consider having a backpack that carries a couple of snacks and a water bottle, and you’re all set.

As for shoes, I had on a pair of Vivobsarefoots while the pregnant lady wore some Nikes.

The Vivobarefoot shoes did fine most of the trail in terms of comfort. However, my feet started hurting once we were walking along the rocky beach. Since the Vivobarefoot shoes do not have a lot of cushion support, you’ll literally feel almost everything and anything on the ground.

Terranea Discovery Trail Parking

The best part about this hike is that there is free parking. There are a ton of parking spaces available, and that’s a rare thing nowadays in Southern California. I seriously think that certain hiking spots take a lot longer to find parking than the actual hike itself.

For instance, the hiking trail at the Griffith Park Observatory would take me at least half an hour to find parking. And then, it would take an additional 30 minutes to head to the start of the hike.

Thankfully the Terranea trail didn’t give us a terrible experience in finding parking.

Best Time to Go to The Terranea Trail

I recommend going early in the morning or in the later afternoon. There’s just that awesome feeling of looking far into the ocean with the sun rising. And the same goes for watching the sun setting.

Recap of This Hiking Trail

We’d definitely return to this hike once our baby (we had her three weeks after the hike) is a little older. We feel like the Terranea trail would be a great hike to start with our baby. It’s something nice and easy with a beautiful view.

I'm a professional marketer from Los Angeles, California. More importantly, I'm a brand new father who can't wait to take my beloved partner and daughter on all sorts of hiking trails. My mantra is that work will always be there, but watching your little one grow happens once in a lifetime.

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