The Caravan Outpost in Ojai: Our Family’s Airstream Escape

It was our first time visiting Ojai, California, while also staying at a unique property, an airstream at the Caravan Post.

We’ve always stayed at hotels, and this time around, we felt it was time for a change of accommodation.

The caravan outpost made our Ojai trip a pleasant experience during our one-night stay. We were blown away, starting with the customer service, the quality of the airstream, and the overall atmosphere of this extraordinary property.

I think if you want to experience glamping for the first time, then the Caravan Outpost is the one.

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What is the Caravan Outpost?

The Caravan Outpost is a unique blend of a botanical garden and luxury camping. With 10 air-conditioned accommodations and private airstreams surrounded by green plants and trees, it offers an alternative to traditional hotel stays and camping experiences.

Stay Wild Magazine asked Brad Steward, the owner of Caravan Outpost, what makes a stay at the Outpost a success. His answer: “A magic moment – whatever that means to you.”

For us, a family of three, the magic was in comfortably sleeping on the same mattress and dining al fresco under the stars next to our airstream.

Customer Service

The whole Caravan Outpost magical experience starts with customer service. A few hours before our expected arrival, we received a welcome call, which was a first for us. I have never gotten a text or a phone call from any overnight stay business, so this was a pleasant surprise.

The person that called me hours before our check-in was very kind and accommodating.

Since we’d never been to Ojai before, I had asked her what we should expect from not just the airstream itself but as well as the surrounding areas of the Caravan Outpost.

And so the individual took their time to explain everything without feeling like they were agitated by my questions.

In addition to that, we even received an e-mail regarding the “pre-check-in” process. They seriously went above and beyond their customer service.

The Atmosphere of The Caravan Outpost

At the Caravan Outpost, our hearts were captured by the ambiance the moment we arrived. Even before exploring the furnished accommodations in the form of airstreams, the outdoor setup, inclusive of some tastefully curated outdoor furniture, left us captivated.

The Caravan Outpost boasts an abundance of benches and a central communal table, ideal for mingling with fellow travelers. For those seeking solitude, each airstream offers its own secluded seating in the rear, perfect for lounging any time of day or night.

However, if you’re planning to use bicycles during your stay, please note that there may be additional charges.

There used to be fire pits, but we received an e-mail in our pre-check-in that they no longer provide that. Nevertheless, having no fire pit wasn’t a deal breaker.

Property Conditions of The Airstreams

The airstream property itself was top-notch. I actually felt like we were inside a small but luxurious hotel. The airstream had everything that we needed starting with two large-sized comfortable beds, a clean bathroom, a dining table, Wi-Fi internet, a kitchen, and, more importantly, AC!

Important tip: Make sure you use the blinds if you want some privacy. Even though the windows were heavily tinted, I could see through our airstream while I was outside.

Comfortable Beds

My family of three, including myself, my partner, and my 9-month-old daughter, shared a single mattress and slept comfortably without feeling cramped. A peaceful night’s sleep was effortlessly achieved on a queen bed that was a part of the airstream’s well-thought-out design.


I always thought that airstreams or trailers had nasty bathrooms, but the ones in the Caravan Outpost were great. Although the accessible bathroom was a bit small, the toilets were super clean, as well as the shower.

Dining Table

The dining table was small but more than enough for all three of us to sit down and enjoy our meals.

The dining table is also a great spot for you to work on your laptop.

Free Wi-Fi Internet

It’s always great to have free Wi-Fi during a stay in a hotel or airstream. However, there were times when we used our own cell phone data instead, as the Wi-Fi was a bit slow.


If you plan on cooking, then you’re in for a treat. There’s a small little stove for you to use where you can also turn the fan and light on as well.

Next to the stove is also a record player with several pieces of vinyl records from various artists for you to play and listen to.

There was also an electric kettle available which was a nice touch to the compact yet well-equipped kitchen.

Air Conditioning

I was worried that the airstreams wouldn’t have air conditioning. Thank goodness I was wrong. The air conditioners can be adjusted to your liking, and so we had ours at 70 degrees the whole night. California is hot, even in the early Fall!

Quiet time

There is quiet time at the Caravan Outpost, starting at 10 PM. You are still able to hang out outside by the benches or the private chairs that I mentioned earlier. You just got to make sure that you keep your voice low.

What’s Near The Caravan Outpost

The great thing about the Caravan Outpost is that there are a lot of amenities within walking distance.


There is a brewery called Ojai Valley Brewery that is within walking distance from the Caravan Outpost. This brewery only provides drinks, but you can bring your own food or get it delivered.

If you want to walk a little further, then there is the Topa Topa Brewing Company, which seems to be the more popular choice in Ojai.

Both breweries close at 9 PM, so make sure you plan your time ahead.


There are several restaurants that are within walking distance from the Caravan Outpost. The nearest one happens to be a Thai cuisine called Exotic Thai Restaurant. And across the street would be the Ojai Pub and an Asian Cuisine called Live to Eat.

If you want to explore more restaurants, then you can also drive where all the shopping centers are located.

Scenic Attractions

There are many scenic attractions for you to check out that are close to the Caravan Outpost. One of them happens to be Meditation Mount. If you want to watch the sunset (which Ojai is known for), then make sure you make a reservation at Meditation Mount.


Can You Bring a Dog to The Caravan Outpost?

You can bring a dog to the Caravan outpost with a limit of 2 dogs max, $40 per dog.

Are there Bikes Available?

Bikes are available first come, first serve. You must sign a waiver and must wear a helmet.

What are CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT times?

The CHECK-IN times are 3 PM, and the CHECK-OUT times are 11 am. There are no late check-outs available at the Caravan Outpost.

Overall Thoughts of The Caravan Outpost Experience

Our perspective on glamping has changed for the better thanks to the Caravan Outpost.

We’re most likely going to prioritize airstreams or any glamping service first before looking at hotels for our future trips.

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