9 Tips for an Enjoyable Hike With Your Baby

Whenever I’d hike with my family, I’d ask myself, “how can I make hiking with a baby enjoyable for both of us?” Hiking has always been our happy place, even before having our newborn Quinn. It was never an option for us to sacrifice hiking because we had a baby, and so it was important … Read more

Palms Park: A Time Capsule of Dated Fun in Lakewood California

Baby Quinn enjoying the swing at Palm's Park

Palms Park in Lakewood, California, features what your everyday local park provides: A children’s playground, a community center, basketball courts, and a ton of grassy fields for picnic festivities. The park has been around since 1978, and the worst part is that it looks like it was still in 1978. Although everything seems to be … Read more

Nourish Your Mind and Soul at Meditation Mount in Beautiful Ojai California

Overlook of Mount Ojai

We decided to take a peaceful hike with breathtaking views at the Meditation Mount in Ojai Valley, California. It was our last day before heading back home, and we figured out what better way to end our trip than by watching the sunset at Meditation Mount. What is the Meditation Mount The Meditation Room is … Read more

Safety Tips to Protect Your Baby From The Sun

Ever since we had our newborn, we’ve been cautious with the overall heat in Sunny California. It was our due diligence as parents, to make sure that we listened to our pediatrician and took the best course of action to protect our baby from the sun. At the same time, we didn’t want to keep … Read more

How to Identify Fake Baby Carriers: Protecting Your Baby and Your Wallet

As parents, it’s important to ensure that we have the safest products for our babies. With that said, there have been arguments from both sides about whether or not parents should buy fake baby carriers from unscrupulous sellers on platforms like Amazon. One argument is that if the baby products are made of quality materials]and … Read more

The Amacool Stroller Fan: Our Favorite Item for The Summer

As first-time parents who love to go outdoors, we knew a rotatable handheld personal fan was a must-have for our newborn baby. We wanted an easily adjustable, powerful baby stroller fan with long battery life. And that happened to be the Amacool Tripod Stroller Fan. After having this portable stroller fan throughout the Summer, we … Read more