SEO Manager
10+ Years of Hiking Experience
Family Adventure Specialist
Marketing Professional


  • SEO Manager with a decade of experience in hiking and family adventures, specializing in outdoor exploration for parents with young children.
  • Holds a Communication degree from California State University, Long Beach, Class of 2011.
  • Featured in publications such as Tiny Transitions and Medium's Authority Magazine, offering expert advice on newborn sleep patterns and team communication.


Paul Baterina is not just an SEO Manager; he's a seasoned hiker and a family adventure specialist who understands the nuances of taking children into the great outdoors. With over 10 years of hiking experience, Paul guides his audience—parents keen to introduce their toddlers and children to nature—through the essential preparations and practical insights they need for a memorable family adventure.

In addition to his outdoor pursuits, Paul wears multiple hats professionally. He is a Marketing Consultant and the co-founder of a non-profit e-commerce company. His multifaceted career allows him to offer a comprehensive outlook on topics ranging from outdoor adventures to professional communication.

When Paul isn't scaling peaks or diving into the digital marketing world, he enjoys a balanced lifestyle filled with gym sessions, family trips to Disneyland, exploring diverse culinary scenes, networking, car tinkering, and investing. His rich tapestry of interests makes his writing relatable and grounded in real-world experiences.


Paul earned his degree in Communication from California State University, Long Beach in 2011. While he doesn't have additional certifications, his depth of experience and wide-ranging expertise more than make up for it.

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